About Us

About Us

Here at Preventive Medicine, our focus is you and your health. We each have a passion and investment for anti-aging solutions and how we can apply our medical discoveries to improve your everyday life. Our team is vibrant and full of talent and commitment. We hope you get the chance to meet us soon.

Let our team of anti-aging doctors guide you down the path to a healthier you. Whether your concern is about circulation, a possible hormone deficiency, obesity, or an interest in aesthetic improvement, Preventive Medicine is prepared to help. With our medical professionals, knowledge, and experience, when it comes to treatment and addressing your health concerns, we are here for you with the solutions you need. Preventive Medicine specializes in a variety of medical services and treatments. To learn more or to set up a consultation or appointment, contact us at Preventive Medicine today.

Meet The Staff

Robert Burkich

Robert Burkich, MD

Medical Doctor, Provider

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Paula Cook, FNP-C

Nurse Practitioner, Provider

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Allison Smith

Office Administrator


Meagan Gordy

Aesthetic Consultant &
Laboratory Technician


Ashley Hembree

Phlebotomy Lab Technician


Kelli Buckles

Medical Receptionist

Preventive Medicine

Monica Lugo

Medical Receptionist