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Hormone Replacement Therapy

Hormone Replacement Therapy

Bioidentical Hormone Therapy

Preventive Medicine

Essentially bioidentical hormone replacement allows women to produce helpful hormones that are biologically the same structure as what their body would otherwise produce. The difference is, these bioidentical hormones are produced in a lab and created from plant chemicals.

Bioidentical hormone therapy is continuing to replace past hormone solutions. Women are seeing improvements, especially for menopausal relief. If you want a helpful, natural approach to hormone replacement, contact Preventive Medicine to arrange a consultation.

How to Order?

Patient registration and consultation

Patient registration and consultation

Contact our office (e-mail or call (706) 891-1200) with your contact information and setup a free consultation (phone or in-person). Provide our office with your payment information (credit/debit card and cash accepted).Submit order for processing.

Office Visit with Provider, Lab Work, Treatment Plan

Office Visit with Provider, Lab Work, Treatment Plan

Schedule an Office Visit with one of our experienced providers to discuss your symptoms, lab work needed, preferred treatment plan.

Delivery to your door

Delivery to your door

Processing and shipping is included with the treatment payment. Most orders arrive to patients within 5-7 business days.

Follow Up Consultations and Product Ordering Memberships

Follow Up Consultations and Product Ordering Memberships

After your initial office and follow up visits, you will be set onto a Treatment Plan Pathway. Follow Up consultations and Lab Work will be needed at 2-6 months intervals to assess and adjust your treatment plans (i.e. medication dosage, frequency, etc.).