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EDTA has the potential to remove harmful heavy metals from your body which could allow your body to function more properly. Potential to lower the occurrence of atherosclerosis. Has been associated with protecting patients from heart attacks, strokes, and cancer. Possible improvements to cardiovascular functions.

Vitamin C

Give your immune system a boost with our high dose Vitamin C IV Therapy which attacks harmful cells in your body such as cancer cells, viruses, fungal infections, and other G6PD deficient cells. Effective in slowing the progress and growth of several types of cancer cells.


Aids in reducing the risk of inflammatory diseases. Antioxidant and DNA repair activity makes Glutathione a great tool for Anti-Aging patient who want to their bodies to function at optimal levels and prevent the age-related degradation of body systems.

Other IV Therapies

Hydrogen Peroxide IV

Hydrogen Peroxide IV Therapy can eliminate harmful microorganisms in your body, boost your immune system by increasing white blood cell production, and improve cardiovascular function by dissolving cholesterol and calcium deposits.

Myer's Cocktail Push

Anti-aging vitamins and minerals administered in a slow push method (15-20 minutes). Components enhance your immune system, reduce fatigue, and improve overall wellbeing.

Hydration Infusion

The Myer's Cocktail delivered with hydration (2 options: 30-60 minutes or 1-2 hours). Glutathione can be added for additional benefits.

IV Add-Ons

Add different types of Vitamin B to increase energy and aid metabolism. Add amino acids like Glycine (improves cognitive function, relaxation, DNA repair/synthesis) or Taurine (Antioxidant, Improves cell repair, cognitive function). Small dose of Vitamin C for antioxidant activity. Hydrochloric Acid to increase white blood cell production for an immune boost.

Injectables are available - Vitamin B12, Vitamin B-complex, Fat Burner, Vitamin D, and many more!

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