IV Therapy

Our goal is to help you achieve a healthier, better way of life.

Types of IV Therapy

Chelation Therapy

Removes harmful heavy metals from your body. Helps reduce occurrence of arteriosclerosis and could be effective in preventing heart attacks, strokes, and cancer.

Vitamin C

Boost your immune system with this IV. Greater effect than conventional oral Vitamin C.


Aids in reducing the risk of inflammatory diseases by detoxifying harmful chemicals and even heavy metals in your body.

Other IV Therapies

Hydrogen Peroxide

H2O2 IV can eliminate harmful organisms and boost your immune system by increasing white blood cells. Also improves cardiovascular function.

Myer's Coctail

Not your conventional drip IV. Administered in a low push method (15 minutes) and provides you with a mix of vitamins and minerals to enhance your immune system and reduce fatigue and could help with allergies.

Hydration IV

A modified version of the Myer's Cocktail but in a slower drip method. It not only provides your body with vitamins and minerals but also rehydrates your body.

Vitamin B Add-On

Add a boost of Vitamin B to your IV with this add on.

Inectables are available - Vitamin B12, Vitamin B-complex, Fat Burner, Vitamin D, and many more!