Peptide Therapy

How could peptides help you?

Growth Hormone Optimization

CJC-1295 + Ipamorelin or Tesamorelin would be a great choice for increasing lean muscle, decreasing belly fat, and much more.


BPC-157 (Body Protecting Compound) can help repair your body from internal injuries, such as ligament damage, inflammation, and gut problems.

Cognitive Function

Semax nasal spray has shown to help with focusing, cognitive function, and memory retention.

What is a peptide and why do I need to start treatment?

How to Order

Patient registration and consultation

Contact our office (e-mail or call 706-891-1200) with your contact information and setup a free consultation (phone or in-person). Provide our office with your payment information (credit/debit card and cash accepted). Submit order for processing.

Delivery to your door

Processing and shipping is included with the treatment payment. Most orders arrive to patients within 5-7 business days.

Re-order each month

When your 30-day supply of peptides is running low, contact our office and order another round.